Buffer Preserve News

MAY 16, 2023

Remember Where’s Waldo—Where’s the Bobcat?
In an agreement with FWC, bobcats that are captured and perceived as a nuisance will be brought to the Buffer Preserve and released. The first one was delivered last week. She was moving pretty fast to get out and find out about her new home, it seems.

Even the boss likes to get out of the office. Manager Dylan Shoemaker enjoyed a day of cleaning a tank on the F-800 the buffer received last week.

Taking a picture of the picture taker. Last week a photographer took pictures of the St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve in various locations. Can’t wait to see the final publication when it is completed.

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s a drone over St. Joseph Bay. Taking pictures at the Troy Deal Tract on a nice day is a rough job – and everyone wanted to do it.

Future Wildland Firefighters. Learning about prescribed burning was a most exciting activity for the kids. Many wanted to go through it again-and again!

The bumps are prescribed burners in training. Volunteers Cindy helped get the kids in their shelters. Volunteer Ben rushes “the fire” (via a blower) over them.

Volunteer Cole is optimistic about engaging in meaningful conversation with the wildland firefighter. The fellow was not so talkative which was fine as Cole got to do all the talking himself.

Waiting patiently for the mop up part of the training. This activity was an excellent way for kids (and adults with the kids) to learn about all the aspects of prescribed burning.

Estuaries Day is always a special event. Buffer staff and volunteers helping with the prescribed burns activity had as much fun as the kids did learning. ANERR’s Lisa Bailey does a phenomenal job of planning and execution of each and every activity, paying attention to small details. Buffer staff and their volunteers always look forward to helping each year.

Marsh Master still on the go, making a great fireline for our adjoining neighbors. This machine is a beast and can do so much in a short amount of time. It was very wet, but the Marsh Master kept on going. During one of our most recent burns, the sprayer made by Tony Cole worked great along the fireline which was right next to a road. Sprayer being used by Tony with Dylan observing and Ben driving worked great on a recent burn at the Buffer Preserve. Sprayer works extremely well and saves so much time.

Dylan Shoemaker will be enjoying bonding with his new baby boy – very soon. He and wife Melissa enjoyed a “Sprinkle” recently with Buffer Staff and the State Park where Melissa works. Fun was had by all and new Baby Shoemaker. Part of the fun was decorating Onesies for Baby Shoemaker.

This is one party Dad Dylan is . . . wondering about how much fun he will have.

Mother Melissa is super excited and looking forward to using all the great gifts with Baby Miles!!

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